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The internet contains billions of bytes of data. The top four biggest websites alone has around a million terabytes (around 1.2 billion gigabytes)of data in its servers – and that’s just a fraction of the data that lies in the vastness of the internet.

And we’re here to talk about every terabyte.

Track Mob Online talks about anything on the internet – from the technological aspects of running a website, to digital marketing, to the viral trends and memes that come and go. The internet is a community, and we’re a smaller community of likeminded people who want to know more about how the internet works and how it helps to bring people closer together.

Harry Liao

Harry graduated with a degree in creative writing. While he likes science and technology and believes robots will one day take over the world, he is a self-proclaimed dreamer who has left technology to the real geniuses. Instead, he writes about these geniuses and their contributions to the world as a tech journalist.

An avid sci-fi writer and reader, Harry has a way with words and making even the most technical topics fascinating for people who don’t understand the jargon that comes with technology. 

Harry Liao ​

Steven Lowman

Steven manages the digital marketing, social media, and graphic design needs of his small to medium business clients in the city. After graduating with a degree in advertising, Steven went on to work for a digital marketing agency. Three years later, he decided to open his own freelance business.

Steven has a good eye for digital marketing for small businesses. He believes that even the smallest businesses can earn more by investing in a good digital marketing strategy.

Allen C. Peters

Allen graduated with a degree in advertising. Too shy to be on camera, Allen works for an online entertainment network as a junior creative director, coming up with the next viral trend for popular YouTubers working under his company’s brand. Under the wing of his supervisors and more experienced team members, he’s learning how the internet works and how to make things go viral.

He writes about the leisure portion of the internet. Read his work on what’s going viral, why it’s good (or not), and what we can take out of it.

Allen C. Peters ​
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